A Matador’s Tale

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: 3Length: 2:10

This programmatic work that depicts an elaborate bullfight. The modern bulfight (corrida de toros) has three distinct stages. The opening Spanish fanafre sets the stage for the entrance of the matador. The first stage (Tercio de Varas which means lances third) moves to a tango where the bull enters the arena and the matador first confronts the bull, performing a series of passes and observing the bull’s behavior and quirks. In the next stage, the tercio de banderillas (banderillas third), the matador attempts to plant two barbed sticks (banderillas) in the bull’s shoulders, causing it make desperate and ferocious charges. In the final stage, the tercio de muerte (death third), the matador enters the ring with a small red cape in one hand and a sword in the other. The music comes to a rousing end depicting the final fight where the matador then makes one final blow and the contest is over.

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