Accolade: Fanfare for the Fiftieth

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 2Length: 2:00

This vivid fanfare features rousing brass motives, dynamic woodwind flourishes and exciting percussion. The piece is focused around Eb major with modal harmonies throughout. I wrote this piece as a dedication to my high school alma mater and for my former high school band director, Clinton Marshall, for whom I owe my passion for music […]

A Hero’s Journey

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 4Length: 3:45

This piece is the 2017 winner of Chester County Concert Band Competition (West Chester, PA), David William Reif, Music Director. This programmatic piece represents the champion in all of us as heroes must go through challenges and act against adversity to make the world a better place. Musically, the piece begins with a bass and […]

A Matador’s Tale

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 3Length: 2:10

This programmatic work that depicts an elaborate bullfight. The modern bulfight (corrida de toros) has three distinct stages. The opening Spanish fanafre sets the stage for the entrance of the matador. The first stage (Tercio de Varas which means lances third) moves to a tango where the bull enters the arena and the matador first […]

American Horizons

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 2:20

American Horizons is an energetic and fast paced concert opener. It features rousing brass fanfares, lively string motives and driving percussion. This work was originally written for the Westminster High School Orchestra, Westminster, Maryland. Published by Northeastern Music Publications, Inc., it can be purchased here

Arabian Dance

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 2Length: 3:45

This arrangement for string orchestra and optional percussion depicts the haunting and beautiful dance from Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Ballet.” This is a perfect piece to perform at your next holiday concert!

Death be not Proud

Ensemble: ChorusGrade: Grade 6/Professional

No information provided on this work.

Deus Ex Machina

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 5Length: 9:00

Commissioned by the Alabama Orchestra Association and dedicated to the members of the 2007 Alabama All-State Orchestra, Bohuslav Rattay, Conductor. In some ancient Greek drama, an apparently insoluble crisis was solved by the intervention of a god, often brought on stage by an elaborate piece of equipment. The god was lowered by stage machinery to […]

Fanfare of the Bells

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 2

This short vibrant fanfare is sure to be one of the year’s most popular and exciting concert openers! Utilizing modern harmonies, driving melodies, and a wealth of percussion, the work creates a high level of energy. Bell tones throughout combine with the metallic sounds of the percussion to really show the influence of the title […]

Galactic Warriors

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 2Length: 2:00

Written for the Ridley Elementary Schools Bands (Theresa O’Brien, Director) and The Temple University Night Owls Concert Band (Dr. Deborah Confredo, Director). Galactic Warriors depicts star fighters on an interstellar mission. The piece begins with a mysterious atmosphere portraying the mission reconnaissance and quickly moves into the star fighters blasting off into battle. The driving […]

Gameday Battle

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 1Length: 1:15

This lively concert work is a musical soundtrack t for any athletic event. It is written to inspire and invigorate the players and audience members alike. Driving percussion and intense rhythms take this piece from pep rally to victory celebration! Gameday Battle was written as a gift to my former student and good friend, Brian Thompson, and […]

Johnston Fanfare

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 2Length: 1:50

Dedicated to the Johnston County (Benson, North Carolina) 8th Grade All County Middle School Band, Johnston Fanfare was written to celebrate the 2017 middle school honor band. The composition features all sections of the band. It begins with a driving introduction that moves into a woodwind and horn feature and then moves to the trumpets. A brief woodwind […]


Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 2Length: 2:00

Dedicated to the Austin High School Symphonic Orchestra in celebration of their invitation to perform at the 62nd annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, Carolyn Vandiver, Conductor. This programmatic work conveys a sense of extreme joy and happiness. The opening rhythmic ostinato sets the ground work for the recurring C major pentachord melodic motive. A brief […]

Land of the Rising Sun

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 3

Commissioned for the 59th Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic (published by TRN

Lone Star Fanfare for Brass Quintet

Ensemble: Chamber MusicGrade: Grade 6/Professional

No information provided on this work.

Mixed Signals

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 5Length: 6:00

A mixed signal is a message of inconsistent or conflicting elements. Mixed signal circuitry combines analog circuits with digital signal processing circuits. Examples of mixed signal integrated circuits include computers, digital music players, compact disc players, sound chips in synthesizers, cellular telephones, digital video processors and practically anything that involves digital technology. Mixed Signals combines […]

Moving at the Speed of Sound

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 4Length: 4:00

Written for the 2014 Harford All County Band (Harford County, MD), Moving at the Speed of Sound takes the performers and audience on a musical roller coaster ride. Minimalistic rhythmic ostinatos, woodwind flourishes, energetic brass motives and driving percussion create a feeling of spatial highs and lows.

Patriot Fanfare

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 3:30

Commissioned by the Governor Thomas Johnson High School Band (Frederick, MD), Kim Sandifer, Director, Patriot Fanfare commemorates the 50th anniversary of the school. The composition is a vibrant fanfare that layers sounds and a driving 7/8 meter featuring every instrument in the band. Patriot Fanfare represents a contemporary picture of Thomas Johnson High School with […]

Secret Societies

Ensemble: Marching BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 7:10

There are secret societies throughout history. This five part show portrays several of them and you can create you own secret societies.


Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 3:30

Commissioned by and dedicated to the Folly Quarter Middle School Band (Ellicott City, MD), Andrew Spang, Conductor, this programmatic piece depicts a car race. Sections include the start of engines, pole position, a crash and the victory lap. This piece is sure to get your students engines going!

Spring Forward

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 1Length: 1:30

Written during the record breaking cold winter of 2015, the piece is reflective of upcoming warm days, and conveys the feelings of hope and propserity. As I wrote the piece it reminded me of walking barefoot in the grass soaking in the sun and smelling the fresh spring air. Spring Forward was written as a […]

Stealth Mission

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 3:00

Dedicated to the 2004 Harford All County (Maryland) Middle School Band. The piece is based upon driving rhythmic motive in the percussion. The woodwinds and brass add excitement and flair to the percussive groove making this work a great concert opener. Click below for Finale® mock up. Click above for a live recording.

The Barbaric Conquest

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 3Length: 2:30

This programatic work that depicts the brutal, cruel, behavior of unacceptable individuals in ancient societies. These people were uncivilized, uncultured and in a general sense perceived as having an inferior level of civilization. The Barbarians were known social parasites that depended on settlements as a source of slaves, surpluses and portable luxuries.  It was common for […]

The Flame of Fortitude

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 4Length: 6:00

Milton is a borough in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania on the West Branch Susquehanna River, 50 miles north of Harrisburg. Settled in 1870, the town is home to multiple factories and is a hard working community. On Friday, May 14, 1880, a day that started out clear and calm ended in disaster. Shortly before noon a […]

The Heart of Madness

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 4Length: 5:30

Commissioned by and dedicated to the Folly Quarter Middle School Band (Ellicott City, MD), Andrew Spang, Conductor, this thrilling composition is a musical text painting three of Edgar Allan Poe’s literary works: The Bells, The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart. Poe was best known for his Gothic writing depicting imaginative tales of horror and the macabre. Each musical […]

The Heist

Ensemble: Marching BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 7:15

Dazzling your audience with this original composition about a heist. Parts are: Part 1 – Pre-show: Setting up the crime Part 2 – Recon Planning Part 3 – The Plan Part 4 – The Heist

The Lost Empire

Ensemble: Marching BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 7:10

The Mayans were one of the best-known of the classical civilizations of Mesoamerica. The Mayans developed astronomy, calendrical systems and hieroglyphic writing. The Mayans were noted as well for elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture, including temple-pyramids, palaces and observatories, all built without metal tools. They were also skilled farmers, clearing large sections of tropical […]

The Old Castle

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 3Length: 4:00

This haunting of arrangement of Mussorgsky’s “Old Castle” from “Pictures at Exhibition” features a variety of wind soloists and makes this piece accessible for young orchestras.

The Promise of Tomorrow

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 2Length: 2:30

This vivid concert work can be performed as a single concert band composition or as a large ensemble work comprising concert band, choir and orchestra. The piece is focused around F major with modal harmonies throughout. The text, written by Donna Fallis, describes the hope and optimism of youth. I wrote this piece with the […]

The Roar of the Panther

Ensemble: Concert BandGrade: Grade 2Length: 3:00

The Roar of the Panther was commissioned by Michael L. Hirsh and the North Carroll Middle School Band (Hampstead, MD) as an homage to their retiring Principal Carl Snook for his unyielding support of the fine arts. The piece begins with an energetic fanfare depicting a running panther, then quickly transitions to a minor section, […]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice for Woodwind Quintet and Percussion

Ensemble: Chamber MusicGrade: Grade 6/Professional

A tour de force transcription for woodwind quintet and percussion of the symphonic tone poem made famous in the Walt Disney motion picture “Fantasia,” as conducted by Leopold Stokowski. Click here to visit the Alry Publications Site to hear and see the music.

The Storm Chasers

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 3Length: 2:15

Immerse yourself in the world of storm chasers, following the planet’s deadliest and most violent weather outbreaks. This high-energy piece uses ostinatos and dynamic rhythms to capture the power and awe of these massive storms. A soft opening portrays the calm before the storm, followed by a driving chase motive that includes an optional percussion […]


Ensemble: Marching BandGrade: Grade 3Length: 7:35

Imagine a show where you start with a nice walk in the woods to be confronted by evil villains and witches and villains in the forest. Parts are: Part 1 – A walk in the woods Part 2 – The Evil Queen Part 3 – The Sea Witch Part 4 – The Wicked Witch Part […]

Voces Orchestrae

Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 3Length: 4:20

Voces Orchestrae (pronounced vo-chaze orkestray meaning “Voices of the Orchestra”) was written in February of 2006 for the Westminster high school orchestra. The piece begins with the musicians singing the “voices of the orchestra” and then moves to a quick rhythmic ostinato in the woodwinds, xylophone and violins. A variety of timbres and instrument combinations […]


Ensemble: OrchestraGrade: Grade 4Length: 4:00

Volatilis (from the Latin “volatilis” meaning “to fly”) is an adjective used to describe something unstable or changeable. The piece opens with a quick fanfare and moves into a march like section. There is a mysterious section that features a solo French horn and then builds to a very new and passionate treatment of the […]